Re: DNS: Issues relating to

Re: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 21:52:03 +1000
>if they are so unrelated to geography why cant overseas companies get a

>the fac tis they are not and we with any honest tell companies we can arrange
>a domain name for you in australia when we cant.

What's in a name ... hey Vic, you can organise an INOZ.COM domain name, of
which even comments from the ACCC have been added to the simple - first
come first servered as long as it's not diceptive - policy.

Cheap at double the price.

$50 Application fee. (Agencies receive a discount.  Are you a
Reseller/Agent for INOZ.COM?  SRS included FREE!)

$35 a year Delegation and the entire hosting of the host tables are on the
primary server.

All INOZ.COM requests is that people use their own ISP for email and WEB

Fairly simple - oh and most names are delegated and ONLINE within 2 hours
and 20 minutes from the receipt of an application.

We'll be cutting that down to 5 minutes from reciept shortly with the
upgrade of the INOZ.COM DNS servers.

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