Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 09 May 1998 18:04:30 +1000
>developments in the Internet, and which is likely to work well here:
>	"Rough consensus and running code".

I like that :)

>Unlike Adam Todd, he doesn't want $250,000 for it. 

Actually, I provided two options. Thanks for taking just one of them.

The other is that the software is provided free of all charges - and in
fact will continue to be developed (obvoiusly with a larger range of input)
- as long as I am permitted to be a Registry in the Domain Name Space it's
operational for.

If you want to purchase it for PRIVATE use, then please feel free.  It's
been valued at over US$250,000, I'm ofering it considerably cheap.

So, no, depending on your chosen option - and that's up the to REGISTRAR to
decide, not me - it's likely it will be FREE.  And I'll wear the costs of
providing all the internet connectivity for the database(s) and the
hardware/software platform it's all running on.

Now if I only sell one domain name, I don't exactly make my $250K do I?
And considering I'm not a sales or retail company, I guess I won't make
much from it.  See some people are too quick to judge and not think the
process through.  Now I've tossed my full cards on the table, I've got
nothing much else to say in regards to SRS.  Other than it's here, has been
for the best part of 12 months and is ready to fly.

Actually, it looks like AUS will be open to Registries in a few weeks time,
so my SRS is going to get a major workover.  It's already being used for
INOZ.COM through agencies.  What more can I say.

>Unlike ADNA, he's actually DOING SOMETHING.

I tend to agree slightly, but remember ADNA is TRYING to do something, it
just has far too many poeple at a decision making level that want the
rewards for themselves and not to be shared.

Remove those issues and ADNA would be perfect and operational next week.

I suggested a list of people some time ago that woudl be suitable for board
membership and hold various interests from Community to Internet Product
Vendors (not ISPs) which would adequately balance the existing membership.

I notice that no one has bothered to follow up on those people and sadly
one comment made to the list that the people were "less than useful" didn't
gel to well with a number of the nominees.

I guess one should carefully read a list rather than rashly and emotionally
reply, the credability of ADNA dropped considerably.

>I would suggest that the educated reader may wish to compare and contrast
>these two approaches against the evolution of the TCP/IP and OSI networking
>protocol suites. And think about which one of those still matters now,
>irrespective of the 'informed' rhetoric of 5-10 years ago regarding OSI.

Or compare ADNA to the IAHC/GTLD.

>Don't aim for day one perfection, bloodywell DO something. Some planning is
>good, and some of the outputs of ADNA are great, but it's a *year* farther
>on now and bugger all has really happened.

We have enough people to DO and PLAN at the same time. The growth of
Internet is a perfect example of that.  Shame some people want to the
revenue all to themselves and others don't want any.

>... which is why I would like to thank Michael for getting off of his tail
>and trying to achieve some useful results, from which we might all be able
>to distill operational principles a little later.

You know there are other SLDs that are already operating SRS.  Michael is
not the first by a long shot.  In fact if everyone just bugged of the idea
of .AU and concentrated on providing services to the client - who cares
about the domain name, does the client care about the IP address?  - then
we might actually PROGESS a HELL OF A LOT FURTHER.

Simon, you should have a chat with your old friend Karl Auerbach.  He said
some very nice things about you - I wonder if you'd say similar about him?

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