From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 11:50:35 +1000
>rejected again. it seems some other part of centacare already has
> and this group wanted Mr Elz has
>decreed that this group should organise it with and
>has yet again rejected the application.
>I am I the only one here who finds this disgracefull?

Actually, I must admit I tend to lean towards Elz's decision here.

I can't see why Centacare can't use correct Sub Domain processes to create
sub domains for all their agencies - unless they are in no way related - in
which case - first come first served.

I strongly dislike people registering multiple names for different
branches.  It creates confusion to the public.  

The first attempt the public will make tryiong to find this place is - actually it will probably be followed by
then if they know what that is anyway.

What's wrong with ?  It's heirachical.

Sorry to flatten the argument but I really agree with Elz on this.

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