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Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 11:27:36 +1000 (EST)
I find Robert Elz to be one of the most frustrating component of the dns
process. when is org.au going to participate in the multiple registrar

I have just had a rejection by Mr Elz for a centacare application,
this is the second rejection in a row. the first was that Mr Elz
wished to know the nature of the organisation, they didnt supply me
with that exact information. I wasted time asking them what they were.
they are a charity. no acn/brn. back goes the application. 
rejected again. it seems some other part of centacare already has
centacare.org.au and this group wanted centacare-brokenbay.org.au. Mr Elz has
decreed that this group should organise it with centacare.org.au and
has yet again rejected the application.

now my poor client who has already been waiting weeks now has to 
track down the people who have centacare.org.au, has to find out
whois hosting centacare.org.au and wether they can subdomain it and point
it at a different ISP. forcing them into possible greater expense and
wasting further time.

so what we have here is arbitrary aestethic judgements on the 
validity of an application. which in this case has been delaying a poor
charity organisation for weeks. and is going to continue to delay them
for weeks to come.

I am I the only one here who finds this disgracefull?

when are the unsuspecting public going to cease to be beholden to
the whims and personal tastes and preferences of volunteer registrars?

Vic Cinc
Charmain CIA
Director Ausbone
Director IIA
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