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Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 09:12:40 +1000 (EST)
> rejected again. it seems some other part of centacare already has
> and this group wanted Mr Elz has
> decreed that this group should organise it with and
> has yet again rejected the application.

Actually, they should have done this first. It has always been policy (as
far as I can remember) that only one DN will be issued per organisation.
Whether you personally like it or not is irrelevent in the current instance
and you should probably have made your client aware of this at the start.

The first thing we do for a DN app is check whether they already have one.

> now my poor client who has already been waiting weeks now has to 
> track down the people who have, has to find out
> whois hosting and wether they can subdomain it and point
> it at a different ISP. forcing them into possible greater expense and
> wasting further time.

Again, this should have been checked into first, thus any 'additional
expense' wouldn't be necessary.

If the 'owner' of the original DN refused to sub-domain, _then_ you would
have cause to get a different name.

> when are the unsuspecting public going to cease to be beholden to
> the whims and personal tastes and preferences of volunteer registrars?

Silly as it sounds, have you tried educating them? We try as much as
possible. Yes, it's taken some time, but now our clients are much happier
that they have a firmer hold on things.

Over the years I have come to accept and (mostly) agree with the T&Cs for
the domains. I agree there should be multiple registrars, but that doesn't
void the policies there-in.


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