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Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 13:00:33 +1000
From a Support perspective, the customer IS generally always right. This
means if they're pissed off and spewing abuse at you, they MAY say things
that are ridiculous and meaningless with regards to the issue at hand.
However, what kind of organisation handles the customer in such a way that
they get to this point ?!?

Seems, the Australian Domain Name Registrars do, that's who!

I would suggest to the Acting Chairman of ADNA that Peter Gerrand should not
be on the board of the organisation as he has a vested interest in keeping
other Registrar's out of the "industry?". This is an obvious conflict of
interest and the question still remains. If ADNA has made little/no headway
in 12 months perhaps this is part of the reason ?

Perception management at this point might be worth while if nothing else.
You are losing whatever credibility you had to begin with which was little
and no way of gaining more apart from relationships with people like Robert
Elz, Geoff Huston who (unfortunately - IMHO) are an integral part of the
whole proceedings - little credibility in itself.

They do themselves an injustice to actually be a part of this process.

I notice in the minutes of the Meeting in January that Peter Gerrand moved
to add a for Australian Trade-Marks at the same time he moved that
trademarks be an added criteria for registration of domain?? - Which
is it Peter ?

Peter Clark

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> > I am indebted to Vic for providing a specific example of the sort of
> > problems he has.
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> > It sounds like the registrar has acted in an appropriate way.
> > Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the applicant who didn't
> > bother to supply the full information to the registrar, or even
> > to check whether the domain name was already in use!
> >
> > ] I am I the only one here who finds this disgracefull?
> > I think you are the only one.
> >
> > ] when are the unsuspecting public going to cease to be beholden to
> > ] the whims and personal tastes and preferences of volunteer registrars?
> >
> > The only thing I can see here which could be done on the registrar side
> > (apart from a public education campaign, which is hardly
> appropriate here)
> > is to consider having something like Melbourne IT's
> (interestingly named)
> > PISP program.
> >
> > Then applicants could have their application submitted by a third party
> > who understands what is required for and what sort of
> checks should
> > be done and information submitted to the registrar for best results.
> > Basically a knowledgable commercial third party to do
> consulting on domain
> > name registration issues (and maybe DNS) -- a domain name broker.
> of course you are absolutely right. how silly of me, you know
> there for a moment
> I was actually focusing on the customers needs, I dont know what
> came over me,
> must be something to do with trying to run a business. I actually
> thought that
> the customers needs came before the convoluted petty beaurocratic rules of
> the registrars. but you are right, in future we will rack and
> disembowl all customers
> that dare not to at least have a a phd in dnsology, we will
> exectue anyone who
> even suggests they should buy a business name for the purpose of bypassing
> the rules for instance. and god help anyone who already
> has domain name
> in any other part of there group, one hundred hail Robert Elzs before bed.
> just how stupid are these charity people, thinking that
> is even remotely worthy of being allowed entrance into the dns
> zone files when
> even a blind man can see that is
> infinetly more
> superior. I mean that reaganging of the '-' and '.' is clearly
> something at
> the end of the day is going to make a world of difference when
> someone peruses
> the zone file and see how neat and tidy it is. who know maybe
> even god himself
> may use zone file tidyness as a criteria for entrance into paradise.
> I guess thats what happens in charities, you know, they dont get paid much
> so they dont really know what is what. thank god we have the dns
> people here who
> can set them straight. that at the end of the day, the policy
> rules must come above
> all else. the sanctity of the database aestethics have been
> maintained. just
> what do these charities do for anyone anyway?
> lets call on the government to immediately introduce dnsology as
> a compulsory
> high school subject. namestatus 1, nic-handles for beginers.
> interpreting
> rules beginers course, intermediary and advanced. we can loby the
> goverment to outlaw
> rules avoidance schemes. introduce compulsory
> entrance examinations.
> anything to avoid the situation for instance in america  where
> customers can choose
> any name and have it in 30 minutes.
> clearly in my mind there is no value to something if there is no pain in
> aquiring it. so a 30 minute domain name without a steady stream of
> dialog between the registrar and the customer is just not worth
> the ip packets that carry it. we can sleep in peace here in australia
> secure in the knowledge that a .au name should be worn with
> pride, because not
> just anyone gets one. no wogs, slopes, poms or yanks will,
> without crawling through
> 2 inch pipes jumping over 12 foot walls and racing across burning
> coals, wear
> a .au domain. and we can rest assured in the knowledge that
> everyone is treated
> equaly, not even those do gooder charities get any special
> treatement, no sir
> we treat them all equaly, and we wont let them do-gooders muddy the beauty
> of a well pruned zone file.
> Vic Cinc
> Chairman CIA
> Director Ausbone
> Director IIA
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