From: Kate Lance <clance§>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 13:46:15 +1000
On Mon, May 11, 1998 at 01:00:33PM +1000, Peter Clark wrote:
> I would suggest to the Acting Chairman of ADNA that Peter Gerrand should not
> be on the board of the organisation as he has a vested interest in keeping
> other Registrar's out of the "industry?". This is an obvious conflict of
> interest and the question still remains. If ADNA has made little/no headway
> in 12 months perhaps this is part of the reason ?

You need to find out more about the structure of the ADNA Board: the
Articles allow up to 6 Board members as representatives of the Full 
Members and 2 representing the Associate members:

    Any Organisation that is a non-profit organisation, its objects
    including  the development and furtherance of the Internet or
    aspects of the Internet, may apply to be a Full Member.

    Any Domain Name Administrator may apply to become an Associate

Peter Gerrand is on the Board, up front, as a domain name administrator.
The influence of any single interest on any Board is supposed to be
balanced by the other Board members, who are -all- responsible for an
organisation's progress or lack of it.  

If you believe the membership structure is flawed and is the cause of
ADNA's problems then perhaps you need to suggest a different one.  But
right now, this is its legal structure.

Kate Lance
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