DNS: RE: Peter Clark's question

DNS: RE: Peter Clark's question

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§MelbourneIT.com.au>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 18:59:15 +1000
At 01:00 PM 5/11/98 +1000, Peter Clark wrote:
>I notice in the minutes of the Meeting in January that Peter Gerrand moved
>to add a .tm.au for Australian Trade-Marks at the same time he moved that
>trademarks be an added criteria for registration of .com.au domain?? - Which
>is it Peter ?

I was simply putting forward to ADNA for endorsement, the recommendations
arising out of the public consultation meetings on 'Domain Names and Trade
Marks' convened by the Trade Marks Registrar in Melbourne and Sydney on
27-28 November 1997 (with support from ADNA).
As neither motion was supported (and therefore lapsed), your question is
rather hypothetical.   

However since I enjoy some hypothetical questions - what the hell, I'm an
academic - I would say that I never saw any great difficulty arising if
both motions were passed. An Australian business would then have a choice
in registering its Australian trade marks in either tm.au or com.au - if it
so wished. Just as today it can register its business name or company name
in com.au, net.au, .com, .net, .org or even au.com - if it so wishes.

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