DNS: you got to be joking??????????

DNS: you got to be joking??????????

From: <vicc§cia.net.au>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 19:50:11 +1000 (EST)
>Peter Gerrand proposed that
>ADNA should be concerned with industry self-regulation of all DNS activities
>in Australia, eg including au.com in addition to the existing .au namespace. 

oh god.

lets not stop with domains, lets regulate login names and URLS too.
last thing we want is someone to gain an unsightly advantage by having
a flashy URL or email address.

can you imagine what would happen if we let users choose there own login names,
then they may have commercial advantages from having generic names like
pizza&#167;sanitised-domain.com.au. or worse www.boring-name.com.au/worlds-best-pizza.
how unfair is that? its bordering on criminal, Mao tse-tung would fume!
what next comerades?  we may all wake up one day to discover that
capitalism has taken over the world!

best of all if adna, takes control of all dns issues, then MIT would no doubt
feel obliged to suggest that all ISPs should forward some dollars for each
subdomain to adna, thereby releaving MIT of the burden of self regulation.
is that what you have on your mind Peter?  $4million cashflow not enough?

I am going to ask yet again, can somebody explain the relationship between
Robert Elz, Peter Gerand, MIT and melbourne uni? there seems to be nothing arms
length there.

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