DNS: Interest in becoming a Registrar or providing SRS

DNS: Interest in becoming a Registrar or providing SRS

From: Mark Hughes <mhughes§ozemail.com.au>
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 23:21:50 +1000
On the ADNA web site there are two 'expressions of interest' lists.



The first is for entities interested in becoming a Registrar in SLDs in
the .au namespace.

The second is for entities interested in supplying an SRS solution
to ADNA.

These lists are provided as a public service by ADNA, and the information
is publicly available to assist in the process of enabling multiple registrars to 
operate in .au SLDs, regardless of how that comes about.

Anyone interesting in being added to the lists can provide me
with name and email contact address details (which of course, may be
different for each list), and I'll include them.

I have received a couple of additions since the lists were put on the
ADNA web site, and the current status is:

Registrar Expressions of Interest

NetRegistry Pty Ltd                            giles&#167;netregistry.com.au
Breakfast Bytes Pty Limited         bb&#167;bb.inoz.com	

SRS Provider Expressions of Interest

Adam Todd                                            at&#167;ah.net
Ivan Pope                                    ivan&#167;netnames.com

If there are any questions, please let me know,

Regards, Mark
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