Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 13:12:05 +1000
>> Netscape still doesn't support ACTIVE X does it?
>The reason Netscape doesn't support Active X is that it is crap and 

<sigh>  Not a really suitable answer Ian.

>I wonder why we all don't support .aus?

I have no idea why you don't.  I know why millions of people do.

>PS: I used to be a big proponent of the Alternate Name Server System idea,
>to be honest ALTDNS advocates really get on my nerves - Adam Todd is doing
>cause more harm than good.

You might feel so, but in all honest the growth factor is astounding.
Whats' worse is that now AURSC has become international, with ISPs and
Providers world wide offering and providing Root Server resources, the
client end usage of AURSC is far greater than you as an Australian can
possibly imagine.

Just alone there are 72 users in the 139.130 address range (

Considering I only personally know 2 of them, I have NO IDEA at all who the
others are, and wodul very much like to contact them.

So you see, Ian, you have a limited value in comment, because you haven't
in fact given the resources a go to see how they work.

There was a comment put to me by Grant Butler (The Australia, or was it the
Fin Review?) stating that a Senior Technical manager at Connect Com Au had
said if they pointed their DNS servers to the AURSC servers, that AURSC
would fall over really fast not being able to handle the requests.

COnsidering there are only 700 TLDs listed, I can't see how this is
possible.  Either Mr. CCA doesn't understand DNS, which is clear to me, or
the CCA DNS servers are very incorrectly configured to use Root Servers as

I'd love to see CCA use AURSC resources, at least limited to those located
in Australia, because even one of the largest service providers in the USA,
who has a DNS Caching server farm doing 2.8 million requests every 15
minutes, uses AURSC and we only see 20 requests a week.

Go figure.

Perhaps more DNS education is needed in AU.

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