Re: DNS: Prospective new domains ( & (

Re: DNS: Prospective new domains ( & (

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 17:52:51 +1000
Adam Todd wrote:
> >A natural person cannot register themself a domain in
> >A product cannot register itself a domain in
> >Only companies or similar businesses can register domains in
> I'm curious?  This was rasied to me months ago under suspicion.

Hey, if you thought using the DNS as a searchable database
was a bit whacky, think of the above example.

And explanation has been provided by Mel.I.T.
There is a separate BRN for each of the companies
Volkswagon and Volkswagan and Volkswagen ... and a domain in
.COM.AU for each, which is OKAY by their rules.

Still ... using the DNS to correct typos on the part of user
who mistype domain names seems to be a bit of a misuse of the DNS.
If we carry this one through ad absurdum, soon we'll see
things like:


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