Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

Re: DNS: [Oz-ISP] Social Engineering and 2LDs]

From: Alastair Waddell <awaddell§>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 15:23:32 +1000
This will be an exhausting exercise Adam, but seeing as I'm used
to countering pedantic argument from children, I'll find the
patience to reply. Also, I know from experience that children
slowly lose the plot, cry, make up and go to bed. So there's

On Thu, May 21, 1998 at 11:51:25AM +1000, Adam Todd wrote:
> >Rick W suggested I subscribe and crosspost this into this list. 
> >Hopefully you lot have a longer attention span that the
> >hairdressers in aussie-isp and Adam, I got your reply advertising
> >AUSRC as a solution for my proposal already ta. 
> Advertising?  Not at all, suggesting.  Why is it I advertise and others
> mention?  Should I have a mystery person posting about alternatives instead?

I _don't know_ why you persistently advertise to the lists. I
suggest it's because you have a personality disorder of some

Mystery person? Two Adams for the price of one? An analogy -
that's like wasting 80% of the Amazonian basis instead of 40%

<here we go with the one by one counter 'argument' routine>

I did have a point to make. Detracting from the focus of the
thread is an Evil Act, Adam. And you'll go to /dev/Hell if you do

> >I notice an accc person is on the list so an opinion from thou
> >wouldn't go amiss.
> There are also ACCC people on Aussie-ISP, so don't worry, they are WELL
> aware of the matter.  It's been discussed numerous times in the last three
> months with staff at the ACCC.

Yes, sooner or later they might bite and join the thread which
would be encouraging.

> >The proposition I'm putting forward for debate is simply that the
> >portability or non-portability of 3LD's should be indicated to a
> >prospect _in a proactive manner_.

> In short, I guess I agree.  But then do you also tell everyone their Phone
> number isn't portable, or is that assumed?

OK, you agree but you qualify this with the "Phone number"
analogy. About portability of phone number's I'd say

o You're mad.
  I have no say - it's Telstra. I understand how domains are
   inherently portable but I have no idea as to the complications
   in making a phone number portable. 
  I believe macro's (numbers) are portable
  You're mad.
  The public has become conditioned to a general expectation of
   what they can expect (and what they have the power to change)
> Do you also tell the person who purchases a Pizza from a store and drives
> 45 minutes that the pizza won't be as nice when they get to the destination?

A pizza get's colder the longer it's in the van. Sure, it's based
on an assumption, or lack of. We generally assume that the pizza
won't be kept piping hot for us and although technically, it
probably wouldn't be too hard, we have _come to expect_ a certain
quality in the pizza. Thus, through it's lack of an
implementation of a 'heating of pizza's in transit' the pizza
industry has successfully, and not unreasonably, engendered the
popular notion that it's OK if a pizza isn't delivered piping
hot. If it's cold, well that might be different.

* There is no common perception on the 'right to portability' of
domains names that can be easily qualified in the Australian
market. *

** _We know that domain names are _inherently portable_. **

** We should act to ensure that the New Forces of Greed don't
engender or profit from a general assumption the supposes other
than that 3LDs are portable_ **

> Why does a domain name have to be any more portable than a
> phone number and street address?

It's obviously past your bed time Adam because you've made an
erroneous logical leap from cold pizzas to the portability of the
delivery addresses of those pizzas. 

This is what's known as 'the Adam Factor' and it's got a lot to
do with your lack of popularity in mailing lists. Amazingly, you
have other negative traits in your writings also. 

So either you're tired and losing it totally, or your wanking. 
Either way it's time for bed. Goodnight.

And when you wake up fresh and bright, let's take up where you
said " In short, I guess I agree" because I don't have the time
for this kiddie shit. 

> If you move house you can't take the address with you. 
> If a company moves address, it can't take the building?
> Just a few devils advocating questions, I'd love to see some comments on.

If I can't stop the flow of junk through head is it my medication
or is it genetic? Is it karma? Is karma the junk. Is it the
devils advocating questions in my head? Or in the house? Is it
the house's karma? Is the house the Dali Lama? Or a banana. 

All you did, other than a token, half hearted assent, was
waste space.

> This has of course been discussed in the USA DNS mail lists from
> yesteryear, and if I can find the thread, I'll repost the discussion, or
> make it available on my web server. (Preferances??)

You agree in 4 words, waste a few K of bandwidth with psychotic
analogies, and then tell me 'this has been discussed before in
the Good Ole USA'. Please, I beg you, don't spam the list with a
repost. By analogy, your reposts compare with the weapons of
destruction unleashed by some third world (psychotic) demagogue. 
They waste a hell of a lot of space.  

If you must use 'junk content mentality', that is, avail yourself
of bulk content for you own bizarre reasons, then please take the
time to summarise it and post only the summary which will be
concise and considerably more relevant and less wasteful of

Yes, make the discussion available on your web server. Sure. By
all means, ta. I know the url.

Just contribe more than one half hearted sentence with meaning
and I promise you, you'll be loved and considered a legend by

Looking forward to picking up the thread of "In short, I guess I
agree" with you, otherwise, well you know what time it is. 

Filter time.

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