Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 10:59:48 +1000

>>You are CHOOSING not to visit AURSC.
>Isn't this the point? If AURSC is useful people will use it. If not they

This is exactly right and exactly what is happening.  I never exepcted
everyone to converge on AURSC resources overnight.  That's why I started
and committed to the project over 18 months ago.  Plenty of time to
experiment, tune and roll out.

Experiments ended last year, tuning finished last year, rollout commecned
this year.  There is PLENTY of time for people to do their own
experimenting and testing anf deciding.  I certainly don't see myself
telling people they have no alternative, that's because there ARE

I haven't direct emailed anyone demanding they use the resources at any time.

I have been harrassed and insulted constantly every time I mention anything
about it to enhance the knowledge and remind people the resources exist.
Mind you the harassment always comes from the same people.  The same people
who haven't even used the resources.

Before you say you HATE Coca Cola, don't you try it and compare it to Pepsi?

I've tried Pepsi and I dislike it's over bubbly mix.

I've tried using the Legacy Root Servers, but with Job Postel and the CORE
crowd constaly "experiementing" with segmentation and such, the resources
became unreliable when I was trying to find a new SLD, that was assued to
me to be online.  

It was on 8 of the servers and not the others, those that broke rank.

>Discussions of the kind that have been happening on this list will not
>attract those on this list to use it nor to advocate to their clients that
>they use it.

I'm only saying the same things over and over.  TRY it, If you don't like
it then fine.  But don't bag something you have never tried.  If that
heppened we;d all be using 2400 bps modems today.

>If it is not used those who register there are wasting their time and money.

Correct.  Although I encourage anyone registering a name to use it properly
and make sure it's very visible, irrespective of what TLD the name is in.

>Adam, you have a tiny faction of internet hosts registered with you. For

I have NO hosts "registered" with me.

>the vast bulk of the internet users they will be invisable unless they are
>also registered with the mainstream.

Tony, progress allowed us to have 14k4 modems, then 28k8 modems and then
33k6 modems, these things all take time.  There were those who said clearly
and strngly that you coulnd't do 14k4 it was impossible, yet it's there.

Eventually one of two things will happen.

There will be no need for AURSC because the Legacy Root Servers will be
operated by an approriatly managed consortium of people made up from the
public to the providers, or AURSC will thrive because the administration is
so monopololistic people want to rebel and have a part to play.

IRSC (International Root Server COnfederation) just extended and accpeted a
further application from two more countries.  Eventually AURCS will pale in
comparison the the membership and deployment of IRSC.

>The consensus that I sense is that your operation is a distraction from the
>problem of finding a long term governence solution for the DNS.

No, Tony the concensus is no one is willing to try an alternative that
forms immediate Governance as is wanted.

You can't push outside governance into a group that hasn't had it and
doesn't honestly want it.

If MIT wanted competition they would insitgate it in their own manner by
becomeing a wholesaler and charging far less and not direct selling to the

KRE would INVITE people to become part of the overal administration, rather
than wait for someone to put a proposal together that he MIGHT accept.

AURSC automatically includes it's "members" but ISPs and the end user as
part of the decision making process.

You can have Governance or you can force a Coup, it's your choice in the
long term.  I like the easy way.  Find a new plot of Land and build a new

After all, that's how Australia was founded.

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