Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 19:26:27 +1000
Rick, thanks for showing later in this reply your TOTAL lack of
understanding about DNS, Root Servers and in particular AURSC.  I'm pleased
to say you have failed DNS 101. Read my reponse FULLY before you reply.
You might just learn something, and please, the little test I ask of you,
do complete it and post the results.


>> How about you TRY it and then tell me.
>Not as good as using my local DNS server. Networking 101:

You load the ENTIRE DNS into your local Server.  Gosh you must have a BIG
Telstra BILL!

>My DNS resolution *HAS* to be faster using my local
>DNS (one 130 ms hop from my modem) than using one
>on another system, further away.
>And its been tested:
>   130 ms  one hop
>      263 ms  11 hops

Hmm, and when you look up where does that information
come from  

Of course it does.  You are Authoritive for MICROSOFT.COM - how silly of
me.  Or perhaps it comes from 27 hops away?

>I believe you when you say IT WORKS. I really do. But the only
>practical solution for me to use your invisible domains is
>to install AURSC zones onto my DNS server.

Yes, you can use GRS, problem is you can't download the files, we don't
allow zone transfers.  As to practicle solution, your yet again showing you
limited understanding of DNS.

Firstly AURSC is not on, so there is no point using it.

Could you also tell me what the hop count is for the following:

Then tell me what you ge to the following:

Just for examples.

Rick, can you please not further show your limited understanding of how DNS
works.  Start to listen, or if you want a lesson, contact me during
business hours and I'll arrange one for you.  I can run a special class for
you if yu like.

>> The only reason I remain under AH.NET is because I'm very well known under
>> it.  I'd love to move over to a&#167;a and have http://a.a as my web site, and
>> in fact some people do use this, but those same people constantly use
>> at&#167; and as their contact points.  Not to mention
>> it's been put in just about every project and product I've released.
>Hmmm .. a pretty good argument supporting portable domains, isn't it?

What has portable domains got to do with my above argument?  Oh you mean
the fact it's well known.  Sure in such case.

>> Anyway - AHNET is very special to us.  Perhaps you shodul read about where
>> the name came from :)
>I have. Last night I re-read a lot of your web site.
>And followed links to the Alternic Sites in the USA.

That's nice.

>Your site left me wanting ... some pages were not
>found or seemed very old. e.g. home page has a link to
> - not found.

Strange, file is there and works for me.

>Also, the list of participating ISPs numbered 8.
>8 out of over 400 ISPs in Aus. Oh, make that 7, since
>Tangent Internet does not respond on the Web. Perhaps
>the page is out of date?

Yes only slightly.  It's being updated at present.  There is another page
that is OLD also. But as you being a software developer will well know and
understand, portions of code are sometimes left as is as they hold little
importance to the relevance of other sections, but are still required for
operation, and may be later redeveloped for improvement or enhancement.

>Your page on other participating Root Server Confederations
>numbered one other confederation.

Yes, this is because I have only found one RSC that has in fact worked out
how to SYNCRONISE all AURSC data sucessfully. I certainly don't wantto
mislead the public to believe that other RSCs who are not as efficient or
stable are viable.

>Your page on the Australian Root Server Confed mentions
>a number of domains, but only two are 'on the web', i.e.
>.aus and .pokey ... why is that?

They are?  I've seen a lot more than that.  All listed domains are active.
And so are about 200 more that are not listed.

>On the USA side, the eDNS site admitted that they've had very
>little impact. At you can read:
>"eDNS never did gain widespread support, but it proved that
>alternate ... solutions could work from a technical
>perspective ..."

If you knew the politics of eDNS and the fact that half of the eDNS
original members broke out to uDNS and neither have really progressed
because of the internal politics and factions then you woudl understand why:

1.  AURSC does not support directly either party
2.  why they have had little to no impact.

Try doing a little more reseach.  You have only 90 megs to catch up on.

If you use AURSC for a week, I'll gladlly post you a copy of the AURSC
users Report. You might be surprised.

>> Nope, actually less stringent overall.  You can read them if you like.
>Where?  :)

I'm sure you'll find it.

>> There you go quoting that number again.  I look forward to seeing your
>> report validating 99%.
>We're both good at that, aren't we?
>Report? What report? We're both guesstimating here.

Nope, not at all.  The report is now 54K long.  If your an AURSC member
your welcome to the information and a copy.  Your not, so the material is

Anyone who is a member and has asked has received the report.  It's
produced daily.

>But, all those people who don't understand, all those people who
>only joined the Internet only in the last few years, all of that
>great unwashed mass certainly wouldn't have configured their
>DNS to use as their primary. None of them will
>be able to see the alternative domains. 

I'd hope NONE have configured their DNS to use as their
primary.  That would be devistating and certanly show their lack of
understanding and knowledge about DNS indeed.

Want to go back and start learning again?

Want to try by asking questions and showing interest rather than bagging
and attacking a process to whcih you have now clearly demonstrated you know
NOTHING about at all?

>By all means, invite them to try. To what end is my final question.

They are, they choose themselves and they use.

>What are they really missing out on? What vast wealth of Web,
>FTP, email, etc. are we 99% missing out on by not seeing the
>alternative domains?

Hopefully they aren't missing out on anything once they choose to use
AIRSC, in fact they will gain a few things that aren't available via the
Legacy Servers.

As to what will happen, well in the future, the legacy followers might jsut
be that - a dying bread of legacy users.

Guess that's why they are called LEGACY.

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