DNS: Rick still hasn't learnt how DNS works.

DNS: Rick still hasn't learnt how DNS works.

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 19:33:08 +1000
>> > Adam Todd               mailto:at&#167;ah.net   mailto:at§aus
>> I am still trying to comprehend why you bother putting that at&#167;aus address
>> in there.
>> Is there a single person on oz-isp that could actually email you at
>> that address?

Yep, about 20 odd.

>> Sorry, but I still can't figure out your alternate name space crap.

Perhaps if you stopped calling it CRAP and started to learn about it you
might understand it.  It's hard to understand something you can't
comprehand.  Perhaps it's just above you?

>It took a while, but I reckon I've got it licked.
>If you wish to use AURSC, you must
>(a) use one of the 7 active ISPs in AUS that support it;

If your a user, not necessarily.  you can configure your local machine or
DNS server to use AURSC.

>(b) convince your ISP to install AURSC zone files in their DNS
>    server;

That's possible.  Many people are doing so.

>(c) configure your own DNS to use primaries and secondaries
>    as dictated by AURSC at http://www.aursc.ah.net
>Please correct me if I'm wrong, Adam.

GOD NO!  Don't do that.

AURSC dosesn't offer PRIMARY and SECONDARY services.  Sheesh.  You really
do scare me with your lack of knowledge.  I thouth you were a software
developer, isn't that what you said to me this week?

I know people who are far less Internet Aware that have managed to go far
beyond your limited undertsanding of AURSC.  And they have next to no
technical understanding at all.

>I myself found the whole process tedious and inefficient.

30 seconds work is tedious?  Do you update your Hints file?  I hope so, or
it's now three years out of date.

>I cannot do (a) since I run my own ISP.

Rick, I'm trying to work out why I'm wasting my time in your circular
illogical arguments.  Follow the ISP instructions on the AURSC web site.
Would you like me to drop in on Monday and SHOW YOU how to read the pages?

>I cannot do (b) without approval from our Network Director
>  which is not forthcoming ;-(

I thought you said you run your ISP?  Guess you don't.

Many "Technical staff" at ISPs ahve asked their management for approval and
received it.  Clealry your just not interested.  So please stop wasting
everyones time.

>I cannot do (c) without suffering reduced DNS resolution
>throughput; besides, am I bound to use my own DNS servers
>since I run my own ISP.

See again your totally off track showing your limited understanding of how
DNS works.  Where do you think your server currently gets information from?

Rick, unless your honestly prepared to discuss this like a person of the
age you claim to be, please DO NOT RESPOND.  Because I wont' further the
thread under this subject.

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