Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 19:39:14 +1000
>> COnsidering there are only 700 TLDs listed, I can't see how this is
>> possible.  Either Mr. CCA doesn't understand DNS, which is clear to me, or
>> the CCA DNS servers are very incorrectly configured to use Root Servers as
>> Resolvers.
>I think that Connect does understand DNS and also has a much greater 
>respect for that understanding in the industry than many others.

Then why woudl a Connect Com AU Manage make such a farce comment to a
Journalist?  Seems VERY way out to me.

>There was some confusion in my discussion with whoever the reporter was.

Then how about contacting the person and correcting their understading.  I
sure can't.

And thanks for admitting it was you.

>> Perhaps more DNS education is needed in AU.
>Perhaps if there was, then we would not have this crazy situation where an
>uniformed minority of Australian providers would have swallowed the .AUS

Propoganda?  Now you have me totally blind.  Please do tell.  In fact
please call me on Monday AM to discuss.  I am concerned if there is
"Propoganda" in place and would like to ensure the agents aren't doing the
wrong thing.

>I have a suggestion, which might educate the minority.
>Maybe someone (possibly Connect) would like to start up (and maintain) a
>registry of all the providers in Australia who DO NOT support .AUS, it has to
>a more impressive than the opposing list.  We can then all use this registry
>when informing customers of the necessity of obtaining *real* domain names.

Doing so would be a breach of the Trade Practices Act.

You could list all the ISPs that support ONLY NET.AU however.

>Is this worth doing?

Got a spare $10,000,000?

>ps. Please don't come back at Connect saying we have a vested interest, if

I'd not come back with that in this argument.

>people we trust feel that this is an issue we will have redelegated.

I have no issue with CCA running NET.AU, I do have an issue with CCA not
trying to open the market and changing policy every 3 months to ensure
their own sales team can sell and others can not.  We can further discuss
this if you like.

Perhaps CCA could lead the "deregulation" and "competition" factor in AU by
relinquishing DIRECT sales of NET.AU names and setting a whole sale price -
say $30 a year, and allowing ISP's to establish a market?

Of course that would deminish the profits from this very lucrative market
that CCA have, and in fact have told customers very misleading statements
about other Domains and even people selling their own NET.AU names. (ACCC
have these on record from my understanding.)

I would have expected CCA would be PLEASE others were selling the names.
Less work same money. <shrug> Amazing how people have to OWN everything.

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