Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Craig Bishop <csb§>
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 14:22:08 +1000
Adam Todd wrote:
> COnsidering there are only 700 TLDs listed, I can't see how this is
> possible.  Either Mr. CCA doesn't understand DNS, which is clear to me, or
> the CCA DNS servers are very incorrectly configured to use Root Servers as
> Resolvers.

I think that Connect does understand DNS and also has a much greater 
respect for that understanding in the industry than many others.

There was some confusion in my discussion with whoever the reporter was.

> Perhaps more DNS education is needed in AU.

Perhaps if there was, then we would not have this crazy situation where an uniformed minority of Australian providers would have swallowed the .AUS propaganda.

I have a suggestion, which might educate the minority.

Maybe someone (possibly Connect) would like to start up (and maintain) a registry of all the providers in Australia who DO NOT support .AUS, it has to a more impressive than the opposing list.  We can then all use this registry when informing customers of the necessity of obtaining *real* domain names.

Is this worth doing?

Cheers, Craig

ps. Please don't come back at Connect saying we have a vested interest, if people we trust feel that this is an issue we will have redelegated.

Craig Bishop - Internet Engineering Manager
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