DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§MelbourneIT.com.au>
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:19:55 +1000
At 07:50 PM 5/11/98 +1000, vicc&#167;cia.net.au wrote:
>I am going to ask yet again, can somebody explain the relationship between
>Robert Elz, Peter Gerrand, MIT and melbourne uni? 

For the record:

KRE and I are both employees of the University of Melbourne; he works
full-time within the Computer Science Department, and I work 20% within a
different department (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) and 80% at
Melbourne IT. 

Melbourne IT is an arms-length, 100% owned commercial subsidiary of a
subsidiary of the University (Melbourne Research Enterprises Ltd) which in
turn is 100% owned by the University. 

Robert's appointment as Administrator of .au is a personal appointment from
IANA.  As Administrator of .au, KRE awarded Melbourne IT a five year,
non-exclusive licence to administer com.au, starting in October 1996.

PG (on behalf of himself and KRE)
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