And then some more burning questions ... Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

And then some more burning questions ... Re: DNS: Answer to Vic Cinc's burning question

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 12:51:00 +1000
>KRE and I are both employees of the University of Melbourne; he works
>full-time within the Computer Science Department, and I work 20% within a
>different department (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) and 80% at
>Melbourne IT. 
>Melbourne IT is an arms-length, 100% owned commercial subsidiary of a
>subsidiary of the University (Melbourne Research Enterprises Ltd) which in
>turn is 100% owned by the University. 
>Robert's appointment as Administrator of .au is a personal appointment from
>IANA.  As Administrator of .au, KRE awarded Melbourne IT a five year,
>non-exclusive licence to administer, starting in October 1996.

I heard a recent rumour that Telstra had purchased 100% of MIT in the form
of options or something similar, or something over 24 months?

Have I been informed correctly?

There is no indication on the ASC registar, but that doesn't mean there
isn't an agreement between Telstra Corporation and Melbourne Information
Technology Australia to fortify this ownership in, say, 24 months time.
I'm lead to beleive this took place on 1, April 1998.

If so, does this therfore make MIT a 100% Telstra Subsidary?

If it's not true, can we have an OFFICIAL statement, dated, assuring this
rumour isn't true? 


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