DNS: Re: And then some more burning questions ...

DNS: Re: And then some more burning questions ...

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 01:33:37 +1000
It really doesn't stop does it?  

1992 - Jon Postel (aka IANA) helps NSI obtain InterNIC contract [1] 
1992 - NSI teams with the IANA [2] 
1995 - NSI starts charging for .COM names 
1996 - IANA delegates huge block of IP addresses to &#167;Home via former
USC/ISI employee 
1996 - ISOC Board directs Jon Postel to develop business plan [3] 
1996 - IANA invites TLD registrars to USC/ISI and accepts $1,000 for .WEB 
Money returned and postings deleted from mailing list archives 
1996 - Jon Postel delegates .US entries to brokers who start charging cities 
1996 - The IANA creates the ISOC/IAHC and appoints members 
1997 - Jon Postel adds new root name servers outside of the U.S. 
1997 - Jon Postel announces .US registry may start charging in 1998 
1997 - CORE Registries pay $10,000 and raise over $800,000 based on IANA
1997 - Jon Postel reverses .US delegations and brokers close businesses 
1997 - Jon Postel helps to organize ARIN and IP number charging 
1998 - The U.S. Government announces the Green Paper 
1998 - Jon Postel forms ITAG to direct the NEW IANA 
1998 - Jon Postel "experiments" with redirecting Root Name Servers 
U.S. Government officials respond and restore configuration 
1998 - Jon Postel endorses the U.S. Government plan [4] 
1998 - ARIN announces it has been working with Jon Postel to form GAR 

What will be next ?

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