Re: DNS: Resellers and Registries EOI.

Re: DNS: Resellers and Registries EOI.

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 01:39:27 +1000
>1. Learn how to spell, or at least run your email through a spelling checker

May typos and spelling are a trade mark :)  I do my best.

>2. What is NTIA, and what relevance does NTIA (whatever it is) have to

I gather this means there is no interest in the "Root Servers" then?  In
which case, does .AU exist in comparison to .AUS?

>3. I submit that these mailing lists are interested in real domain name
>spaces, not 'alternate' ones. To draw an analogy,  we are (also) most
>interested in the real universe, not hypothetical (and for the majority of
>the population, except those of a sufficiently etherial mindset, quite
>accessible) alternate universes.

I'm sorry, last time I checked AURSC was servicing a few few thousand hosts
around the world.  These people, some of whom you know quite well, respect
AURSC and what it is doing.  There is no hypothetical Simon.  It is real
and it's there and it's here to stay.

>4. Despite point 3, you just go ahead and sign up heaps of resellers of
>chunks of .AUS, I wish you luck in that endevour - I just don't think it'll
>affect the Internet at large in any measurable fashion.

It won't affect the Internet at large.  It will probably be a portion of
the DNS resolution of the Larger Internet.  DNS shouldn't affect the
Intenet, when it does as Jon Postel attempted to ealier this year and then
the USG stomps all over them.

AURSC doesn't intend being stomped on.

>If .AUS is alone in an alternate DNS forest and falls, does it make a sound?

But that's just it.  It's not alone.  It's real and it's breathing and
growing.  Eventually, you'll just have to face it and join in.  Change is
inevitable.  I'm just not going to force people, and nor are other members
and operators.  

Internet is the way it is because of CHOICE.  When people choose, old
things eventually go away.  Legacy is replaced with innovation.

I'm sure your still not running sixteen 2400 baud modems.  They were the
"Absolute maximum speed possible over a phone line" some years ago - remember?

>(yes, its sarcasm, I admit it, I'm in a sarcastic mood this week, obviously)

:)  Your welcome.  But I'm serious.

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