DNS: Resellers and Registries EOI.

DNS: Resellers and Registries EOI.

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 13:36:23 +1000
Expressions of Interest are called for from people who may wish to become
involved in the sale of Domain Names in the:


Domain Name Space.  Closing Date is Friday 29 May 1998 at 4 PM AU-EST

(Applicants will also be considered for other TLDs or the creation of new

You may submit as much or as little detail in your application as you wish.
 No criteria specifically has been set down, in hope, to allow the widest
possible reach.

Suggestions in your application include:

1.  Who you are.
2.  Why you want to be a Reseller, Agent or Registry
3.  Your goals from providing the service
4.  What you would charge a customer for your handling of the process.
5.  What areas or regions you wish to cover.
6.  What limitations you would like placed on resale.
7.  Any new Subdomains you would like created.
    Currently COM.AUS, NET.AUS, WEB.AUS and ISP.AUS exist.

AHNET is one of the leading Peioneers of Alternate Name Space on the
Internet and is recognised as such by NTIA from it's GP document earlier
this year.  .AUS is supported on all Alternate Name Servers around the
world and of course by AURSC http://www.aursc.ah.net or http://www.au.rsc

If you have any questions contact mailto:dns&#167;ah.net or mailto:dns§aus

THE DOMAIN NAME HANDBOOK                   http://www.domainhandbook.com
The advice offered in this email is not considered professional advice,
or it would be accompanied by an invoice. No permission is granted for 
republication of comments, without written consent.
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