Re: DNS: silence is golden

Re: DNS: silence is golden

From: Alastair Waddell <awaddell§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 10:59:22 +1000
On Sat, May 23, 1998 at 08:24:48AM +0900, Simon Hackett wrote:
> Guess who I just added to my kill filters.  You know who I mean. Or if you
> don't, just guess. Go on. I bet you'd be right. 


That's normal. I don't understand however, the resistance to
discussion of this new idea. Like, in aussie-isp they hijack the
thread to natter about everything else but, and in ausdns, where
I posted on Rick W's recommendation, WW3 breaks out. And none of
it related to the topic!

I really shouldn't have have made the silly attempt to pick
Adam's reply, which is what drew Jeff, the world's thread killer
into it. 

I'm having trouble working out whether this silence is a tacit


> Cheers,
>    Simon
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