Re: DNS: silence is golden

Re: DNS: silence is golden

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 16:06:49 +1000
>> I counted *14* messages sent between 18:20 and 19:40 last night by
>> the hysterical Mr Toad.  "Verbal diarrhoea" doesn't even begin to
>> describe it.
>  Your subject on this post was "Silence is Golden".  Take your own advice
>and be silent than.

I'm use to it.  Aussies are a very different culture.  It's typically
ATTACK the person who is different and doens't drink the same beer.

I even got a phone call last night asking if I wa a Moroon or Blue.

I had to ask what he meant, he said football, I said Oh.  Don't follow it
and he hung up.

I think I fizzled his night :)

>  This kind of response is really terrible.

Yup, but sadly is common.

According to Kate, I'm the person who "almost single handeldy destroyed the
AUssie ISP mail list", problem is I made some very sensible comments to
someone asking a quesiton, it was the dribble and misleading information
that followed that caused the problem.  I was one person, they were 20 odd.

Single handedly?  Yeah right.  NOT.

I should also comment at this stage that a few people have said that this
is an industry SPECIFIC mai list.

Even if it is, the fact that the INDUSTRY I provide services for are on
this list and might be deveived or mislead by the comments made by others
is in fact a breach of the Trade Practices Act anyway.

So it's best to keep the comments that aren't researched or understood -
especially those who say things without practice, alone and silent.

>> ...and I never have to see such trash again either -- I've just changed
>> over from elm filter to procmail -- *plink*  :-)
>  And I have rarely seen such contemptual behavior as yours.

You haven't read enough of the archives.  My wife picked up a whole pile of
Katisms.  As she now calls them.  Contradictions of her own previous
comments.  Perhaps she is a sheep following a flock?
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