Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 16:10:07 +1000
>At the risk of belabouring the obvious, my original post was:

At the risk of trying to MAKE RICK READ properly.

>>(c) configure your own DNS to use primaries and secondaries
>>    as dictated by AURSC at
>the context being as an end user. Sheesh ... I wonder if this
>is really worth it sometimes ;-)

Again the CONTEXT is RELEVANT ONLY TO THE END USER not an ISP.  Aren't you
an ISP?

>As an aside:
>Re: Win95 for ISPs: ROFLMHO
>Re: Win/NT for ISPs: I feel deeply and truly sorry for these people

This is not part of your problem RICK.  People choose the operating systems
they are most comfortable with.  It's not for you to comment on.

>> You want me to sit here and list every web site that resides on an Enhanced
>> TLD?
>Hmm ... is there a method to start at the root of a TLD/2LD etc
>and walk to all the domains in the tree? I suppose not ... but if you

Again, you show your complete lacking of DNS understanding.  DNSWALK will
do this for you.  Enjoy.

Free advice, no charge.  Next time I'll send an invoice.

>give me an algorithm, I'll whip up the software for ya ;-)
>Now THAT would be a great reason for me to try AURSC!

You clearly haven't reasearched any portion of DNS operation.  DNSWALK
comes with the distribution.


Thanks again for your lack of intelligent input RICK.  I really wish you
woudl SHUT UP or just admit you haven't a clue what your talking about and
woudl like to learn.  Then maybe - just maybe - we can actually start to
educate you.

It startes with you following the very accurate and well used instructions
provided on the AURSC web site.

Thanks Rick, and have a nice day.

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