Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

Re: DNS: AlterNIC and AUSRC

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 17:13:20 +1000
Adam Todd wrote:

> At the risk of trying to MAKE RICK READ properly.
> >>(c) configure your own DNS to use primaries and secondaries
> >>    as dictated by AURSC at
> >the context being as an end user. Sheesh ... I wonder if this
> >is really worth it sometimes ;-)
> Again the CONTEXT is RELEVANT ONLY TO THE END USER not an ISP.  Aren't you
> an ISP?

My ISP options were (a) and (b); (c) was for me as an individual ;)

> You clearly haven't reasearched any portion of DNS operation.  DNSWALK
> comes with the distribution.

Found it buried in bind. Thanks for the research assistance.

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