Re: DNS: DNS Governance

Re: DNS: DNS Governance

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 20:58:27 +1000
I requested:

> ] Can anyone on this list give a reasonabley detailed summary
> ] of current DNS governance in the following areas?

David Keegel wrote:

> Maybe I can give you something to keep you going in the mean-time.
> ] 1. the current so-called legacy ROOT

David,  Thanks for your lengthy and informative reply.
Certainly enough here for me to chew on for awhile.

> Is ``legacy'' is meant as a joke or is this just lifted from some
> propaganda?  I'm not sure if I find it funny or derogatory (or both).

Adam Todd wrote:

"Hopefully they aren't missing out on anything once they choose to use
 AIRSC [sic], in fact they will gain a few things that aren't available
 via the Legacy Servers.
 As to what will happen, well in the future, the legacy followers might
 jsut [sic] be that - a dying bread of legacy users.
 Guess that's why they are called LEGACY."

I had made the mistake of assuming Adam's terminology was
in wide-spread use on this list, particularly because of 
the volume of postings he has made in the last week [some
110 postings since 14/5/98 - surely a record for dns?]

Without any offence intended, in future when I use the term DNS,
I hope that it is understood that I refer to the 'legacy'
DNS system, rooted in * And when I refer
to 'alternate DNS' I mean just that. [reminds me of a Monty
Python sketch ... but that would be abit too off topic]


> As long as all ISPs recognise that domains granted through a hierarchy
> leading back to the IANA at the top are valid, then DNS customers can
> expect other people on the Internet to be able to resolve their domain
> as long as it was approved through this chain of authority back to IANA.
> Of course some ISPs may choose to recognise other hierarchies as well.

Makes perfect sense to me ;)

I conclude that as long as IANA's hierarchy is honoured,
those who choose can enhance, tack-on or otherwise seek
to 'improve' their DNS service. Here's a big clap for
AURSC in trying to do just that for the eight or so ISPs
in Australia that have gone the alternate route. Good on
ya, cobbers!

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