Re: DNS: DNS Governance

Re: DNS: DNS Governance

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 14:24:44 +1000
>I had made the mistake of assuming Adam's terminology was
>in wide-spread use on this list, particularly because of 
>the volume of postings he has made in the last week [some
>110 postings since 14/5/98 - surely a record for dns?]

You certainly haven't been around DNS mail lists for long have you?

The Intenational list sponsored by NSI reached a record of 500 messages in

>Without any offence intended, in future when I use the term DNS,
>I hope that it is understood that I refer to the 'legacy'
>DNS system, rooted in * And when I refer

No the term DNS refers to DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM, any other inference is in
fact misleading.  If you wish, you shodul specify the IANA MANAGED ROOT

>to 'alternate DNS' I mean just that. [reminds me of a Monty
>Python sketch ... but that would be abit too off topic]

I would also be careful about refering to ALTERNATE DNS.  That is in fact a
registred trade mark of a company and as such you would cause misleading
representation of that as well.

You need to apply specifics.  I've recently suggested calling it Enhanced
DNS, although eDNS will probably become upset with this.  Enhanced DNS is
now registered by me in Australia for AURSC use.

I guess you need to be specific anyway.  If you mention GTLD are you
refering to GENERIC TLD's such as COM, NET, ORG, MIL, EDU or are you
refering to the IAHC/CORE/gTLD/MoU?

Again we recommend using the term IAHC/gTLD to avoid confusion.

There are also ccTLD's, iTLD's, gTLD's and another I forget.

>I conclude that as long as IANA's hierarchy is honoured,

Won't that be intersting to see.  On September 30, IANA may be no more, or
some of the root server operators might decide they are not prepared to
particiate with the New IANA Inc.

NSI might also choose not to host the A Root Server after it's admin is
handed back to NFS, this the IP address will either become LAME or NSI
might put a different root server on it with their own data.

A number of the Operators of IANA RSs will follow NSI over IANA.

So now you have a problem.  Which RSs are you going to choose then?

AURSC will most likley syncronise with the NSI network.  We'll know more
about this after meetings with NSI later this year.

>those who choose can enhance, tack-on or otherwise seek
>to 'improve' their DNS service. Here's a big clap for
>AURSC in trying to do just that for the eight or so ISPs
>in Australia that have gone the alternate route. Good on
>ya, cobbers!

Rick, you mention 8 ISP's can you name them?

Last count I saw about 40 odd.  But of yours, I spose your ONE user (seems
your the only DOT.NET.AU I've ever seen, even to hit Blackstumps web site)
tends to indicate you are a self made, single user ISP.

Do you pay yourself $35 a month unlimited?

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