Re: DNS: DNS Governance

Re: DNS: DNS Governance

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 14:26:44 +1000
>> I conclude that as long as IANA's hierarchy is honoured,
>> those who choose can enhance, tack-on or otherwise seek
>> to 'improve' their DNS service. Here's a big clap for
>> AURSC in trying to do just that for the eight or so ISPs
>> in Australia that have gone the alternate route. Good on
>> ya, cobbers!
>  You know Rick that both systems can be recognized at the same time.
>I hope that is not too difficult a concept for you.

Jeff, Rick hasn't even caught up on how DNS works.  He things AURSC sends
back ALL THE IP addresses when he requests them.  Actually he thinks HIS
DNS server has all the data of some 4 GIGS of TLD zone data in it and
that's where he gets all the answers.  

<sigh> It's very annoying really.  This total misconception of how DNS
actually works is very damaging to the hard work that Paul Vixie and ISC
have put into makeing DNS an efficient system.

I hope Rick doesn't tell his clients that his DNS server has all the
asnwers. Last time I checked 99.99% were NON AUTHORITIVE.  Th eonly one I
found that was authoritive was DOT.NET.AU.
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