Re: DNS: silence is golden

Re: DNS: silence is golden

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:19:20 +1000
>>Well lets see.  Thanks to Jeff Williams we loose Geoff Huston and I forget
>>who the other was.
>>And to me ... that's Kate and Simon Hacket.  (Gosh Simon, Kaul Aurbach will
>>be very dissapointed in you.)
>>So the quality of discussion will slowly increase to something that will
>>actually come to conclusion.

>Now I see what's happening. Your prolific off-topic postings are a
>deliberate attempt to derail the process of restructuring DNS management in

You have to be kidding.  I've been supporting suitable AU DNS management
since 1995.  Your comment is WAY OFF.

>You are attempting to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio on this list to such
>a level that rational discussion is impossible.

<sigh>  If you believe that, then your further from the mark.  I woudn't
have spent over a year of my life doing everything possibel to ensure the
IAHC didn't gain control unless I was concerned about the end user.

I was right, far too many gTLD names were sold around the world for in
excess of $10,000 - NON REFUNDABLE.

Those names don't even resolve, they don't even reside on a server, yet
along a database.

I think you need to reassess your comments and perhaps do a little more
research before speaking so freely.

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