DNS: FW: .COM - Future Policies

DNS: FW: .COM - Future Policies

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§unety.net>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 08:46:15 -0500
People in Australia with .COM domain names may want to join the
InterNIC domain-policy list to discuss the future of the .COM TLD.
As most people know, the InterNIC contract with Network Solutions
ends soon. The U.S. Government and the new IANA Inc. will have
to have public opinion about this to make a decision. That will help
to shape the future policies for .COM.


I have copied some of the U.S. Government officials that have been
working in this area. Mail to them gets posted on their web site. This
helps to create an open and fair process.


Thanks for your time...

Jim Fleming

From: 	Jim Fleming[SMTP:JimFleming&#167;UNETY.NET]
Sent: 	Monday, May 25, 1998 8:08 AM
Subject: 	.COM - Future Policies

When the new IANA Inc. is created one of the "policies" that
will have to be decided is the future of the .COM TLD operations.

As I see it, there are currently only two organizations contending
for the .COM TLD:

        1. Network Solutions Inc. - http://www.worldnic.net
        2. ITU/ISOC/PAB/POC/CORE - http://www.gtld-mou.org

Are there any other contenders for the .COM TLD ?

Do people have an opinion on which of the above should operate .COM ?

What do people think about .COM "clusters" ?
        (i.e. clusters of .COM servers in various geographic regions)

Do people agree that the .COM operations need to move off of the
        legacy Root Name Servers that are operated by the U.S.
        Government and will apparently be controlled by the new
        IANA Inc. ?

Do either of the two organizations above have .COM servers running
separate from the legacy Root Name Servers ? Can they be tested ?

Jim Fleming
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