RE: DNS: DNS Governance

RE: DNS: DNS Governance

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 13:01:42 +1000
>According to many people, the IANA was supposed to delegate
>the 2-letter TLDs to governments. .AU is supposedly delegated
>to the Australian government, or should be. When the new IANA Inc.

It's not, at least not directly.  KRE is an employee of the Univeristy of
Melbourne, OK at least it's partially Government funded.

>is formed, one of the agenda items should be a review of all of
>the 2-letter delegations. Since the Australian government is
>playing such a large role in shaping the next round of the
>White Paper, I would assume that the .AU delegation will be
>high on the list.

Ahh so the stealth movement of the AU Government to seize control of the AU
name space is really underway.  I've not had time to follow the AU
Government moves. 

This leaves two suspicions.  ADNA is working very hard to get approval from
the AU Government, or trying to nab it from KRE before the Gov steps in.

I can't honestly see either being accepted by the ACA or the ACCC.

>This will likely be the case because all of these
>discussions have raised the awareness around the world. In

Very true, although AU has been very backward in recognising this.

Previous on DNS: 

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:28:24 +1000
From: Ramin Marzbani <ramin&#167;>
To: dns&#167;
Subject: Re: DNS: New .au Registrars and Domain

For anyone interested, 6th survey of ISPs gave back the following feedback:
Q; What do you think about the Australian Domain Name Administration (ADNA)?

DNR			1.1%
IT'S A SHAM		19.7%
I DON'T CARE		7.4%

I just love it when Ramin speaks.  He says so little, but packs so much :)

BTW Ramin, when are you going to post "DEMANDS" for participation in yuor

>the past, some government leaders were clueless about the
>TLDs. Now they have been educated. It will be interesting to
>see how they respond to the new IANA Inc.

Educated - that there is money involved - yes.

It's concerning also.
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