Re: DNS: FW: What is the domain-policy list for?

Re: DNS: FW: What is the domain-policy list for?

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 12:55:57 +1000
>It is good to see that you are one of the leading
>contributors to the InterNIC Domain Policy discussions.


>Hopefully, you will be able to transfer some of your
>knowledge to the people in Australia. Keep up the
>good work.

I wish :)  Maybe.

>Adam Todd                   383

>Dave Crocker                289
>Kent Crispin                160

You can add those two together.  They keep me busy :)

>Richard J. Sexton           253
>Marc Hurst                   94

And those two are a pair :)

>Jim Fleming                 199

I think your the next most outstanding individual really, Jim.

>Roeland M.J. Meyer          195

Not sure about Roeland.

>Karl Auerbach               176
>Jay Fenello                 127
>Ellen Rony                  114
>Tony Rutkowski              110
>Chuck Gomes                  87

And these are truely outstanding people.  It's no wonder we are all so
progressive with this volume of exchange.

Intersting to see who the really important discussion based people are.
Certainly this years discussion has been considerably focused, where as
last year it was more an attach at the IAHC process.

I'd love to see last years Stats :)

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