Re: [DNS] New DNS list start and name

Re: [DNS] New DNS list start and name

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:48:25 +0800
> 	+ is KRE on it, or going to be soon?
> 	+ is NOIE on it, or going to be soon?
> 	+ are 'critical stakeholders' involved? (and who are they)

I believe that they are.  Certainly the current registrars,
reps from several government departments, and the various
associations appear to be represented.

> But lets take KRE's challange at face value. Its time to work out what will
> be an acceptable framework for transition of responsibility, and push it.
> Waiting for the ref to blow the whistle...

I would suggest that there is no need to wait.  There are
now more than 100 participants on the list, including many
of the more important "stakeholders".  I will attempt to
contact other parties over the next couple of days and ask
them to join.

With respect to latecomers, we will have an archive of this
list available at:

by lunchtime tomorrow, WA time.  It will be password protected
to scare off search engines.  The URL won't work until then
though.  That location will be added to the footer once it is
alive, so latecomers can go through the old messages themselves
and catch up.


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