[DNS] the road ahead

[DNS] the road ahead

From: <vicc§cia.net.au>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 19:26:43 +1000 (EST)
a) stakeholders not allowed to participate.
	principaly this came about from kre decision
	to hand over a large gold laying goose to
	various staff members at melbourne university.
	just in case any one isnt clear, the revenue
	generated is in the $millions.  the end result
	is that there is only one major financial stakeholder
	INA MIT or wathever they want to call themselves.
	this is wrong, its a monopoly, if there isnt a resolution
	real soon, the ACCC will force the issue.

b) anti business sentiment amongst many of dns participants.
	its too late guys, the internet and commerce are
	on a colision course, if you still beleive that commerce
	and dns dont mix then I suggest you take up kniting
	or growing hydroponics in nimbin.

c) silly dns rules.
	I am still waiting from the gods of dns as to what
	we tell customers who cant have the domains they want
	and cant even get the business names they could use to get
	these domain. what do we tell these people, sorry
	a bunch a well meaning socialists from a university dont
	want to give you an advantage if you decide to sell some
	generic product. its crap its got to go.

d) lack of overseas participation
	the restriction on foreign owenership of domains is for
	the birds. the olympics are comming and there is a bonanza
	to be made from selling domains to overseas company. once
	again the anti business types should get out of the way 
	of commerce.

e) lack of privacy within the sld.
	the dns rules have a blatent disregard for client ownership
	and the privacy of customer information, this has to stop.
	the public whois db is a spamer delight.

f) lack of sub domains under .au.
	there is a clear requirement for a substantial increase
	in the number of sld under .au. To apease the wierdo
	arguments for the strange .com.au rules this legacy
	domain should remain with a slew of new slds to cater
	for the current requirements of the public who ultimately pay.

the principal issue that needs resolving is the introduction
of commercial registrars into the .au name space. wether that is
via competion in .com.au or in new slds is not as important as
the issuing of registrar type licenses. once we have more then
a major singular financial stakeholder then we can be in a postion 
to determine who the real stakeholder are.

.asn.au is leading the way with introduction of multipe registrars
and the rest of the domains are expected to follow shortly.

to accelerate the process  I propose that several new commercial slds under
.au are created with as many registrars as meet the criteria allowed
to participate. waiting for INA/MIT to hand over the keys to the castle
is a futile excercise as they have more then adequately proved
over the last 12 wasted months.

MIT is gearing up for competition and further delays continue to
give them a head start over any competion. this highlights the urgency
of moving forward with introduction of commercial registries.

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