Re: [DNS] the first step

Re: [DNS] the first step

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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:58:54 +1000
At 9:54 AM 1998/06/24, Simon Hackett wrote:
>It seems to me that a great way of asserting agreement about a new
>structure to provide oversight on policy and/or operations in the .AU
>namespace would be to use this very list, which surely constitutes the
>overwhelming majority of interested parties at this point, as a voting

Hmmm...I'm not an ISP, I don't maintain dns servers. I'm a member of the
general public and I suspect many  users of the internet in Australia do
have an interest in this debate. While the directly "interested parties"
might well be here, those of us with a less direct link are not.

They do have an opportunity to join organisations (such as ISOC-AU, which I
did) and use that organisation to express their views.

While many members of the executives of these organisations are represented
here what is their role? As individuals or representing their membership?

I suggest that the many internet related associations with an interest in
this debate express in some formal way that they support this list as a
mechanism to advance the governance of the dns in Australia. If there is no
organisational backing then this is just a bunch of people chatting.

Which organisations will put their hand up?

Which organisations are NOT represented that should be - and that includes
government, legal and consumer bodies?


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