Re: [DNS] the first step

Re: [DNS] the first step

From: Kate Lance <clance§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:41:29 +1000
me&#167; wrote:
> Hmmm...I'm not an ISP, I don't maintain dns servers. I'm a member of the
> general public and I suspect many  users of the internet in Australia do
> have an interest in this debate. While the directly "interested parties"
> might well be here, those of us with a less direct link are not.

I'd disagree slightly here - even the fairly net-literate members of
ISOC-AU are relatively uninterested in the whole thing - at best they
want it to work and, I think, seem to have a fair bit of faith that the 
"interested parties", i.e. us, will try their hardest to make it work. 

> While many members of the executives of these organisations are represented
> here what is their role? As individuals or representing their membership?  

I'm here for ISOC-AU and as an individual.  I have no association with despite my employment.
> I suggest that the many internet related associations with an interest in
> this debate express in some formal way that they support this list as a  
> mechanism to advance the governance of the dns in Australia. If there is no
> organisational backing then this is just a bunch of people chatting.

I agree that this needs to be more than a chat list, but don't think we
need formal backing.  I think we have to treat it very seriously: even 
the limit of 10 emails a day is too generous... if anyone is posting 10
mails a day then they're not -listening- and they're not -thinking-,
they're just kneejerking and me-tooing.  

We should regard this as high-level *conversation*, where we take time
to think about what other people have said, rather than just parade our
own obsessions (that way leads to madness and Mr Toad).

We should also expect to do some serious work here too: sometime or
othere we're going to have to read and discuss tedious legal docs, like
Articles and Memoranda of Association... that's the *only* way we'll
get the kind of organisation we want.  It's boring.  It takes time.
No-one else is going to do it.   

> Which organisations are NOT represented that should be - and that includes 
> government, legal and consumer bodies?

NOIE is trying hard to identify anyone not represented and to include them.

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