[DNS] Bit of Nominet info

[DNS] Bit of Nominet info

From: Kate Lance <clance§connect.com.au>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:38:41 +1000
Nominet has, on the face of it, fairly sane Articles (see
http://www.nominet.org.uk/nominet/intro2.html).  The essential stuff
among all the boring fluff is that:

* membership is wide open to anyone with an "interest in the .uk domain".

* the membership is called the Steering Committee - cute.

* membership is 400 pounds+VAT to join (~470), 100 pounds+VAT (~118) 
  annually.  That's equal to A$1270 to join, A$316 annual fee (first 
  year members pay both).

* The Council of Management has 6 members: Managing Director, Technical
  Director, and 4 elected by the membership (quorum is 4).

* The Council, however, is supposed to set the subscription rates and
  poll voting rights of the members, and that seems to be happening at 
  the moment: "related to the member's relative commercial involvement 
  in the .UK domain name service".     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The last point may or may not be a can of worms... I saw this sarcastic
comment on it a few days ago:

         Last week, Nominet's Council of Management sent
         around proposals for a new voting system. Curiously, for  
         such a charitable group, the proposals weren't a variant of
         "one domain, one vote". They weren't even "one registry, 
         one vote". No - to preserve *absolute* fairness for all, 
         the ballot was carefully biased to give the top 5% of
         registries a majority. That, says the current Council,
         makes it proportionate to the "relative commercial
         involvement in the UK Domain Name service". So, who gets
         how many votes? That's "commercially sensitive
         information", say the Council. 

Anyone else know more?

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