Re: [DNS] the first step

Re: [DNS] the first step

From: Paul Montgomery <monty§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:15:15 +1000
Michael Malone wrote:
> In the final analysis, "stakeholders" will have to include at least:
> 1) Current and future Registrars.
> 2) ISP's and other bulk retailers of domains.
> 3) Domain Name owners (including commericial/academia/gov't/others).
> 4) Regulators.
> 5) The DNS using public.
> At best, we can probably hope to get 1-4 talking on this list.
> The associations that best "represent" the public are unlikely
> to get involved in this media, but would attend a meeting
> convened by NOIE.

As far as 5 goes, I think that besides ISOC-AU, which is really supposed to be
the rep for this group, a number journalists like me will probably slither
their way onto this list and keep an eye out for decisions that will cause
michief and trouble out there in User Land. The journos should lurk wherever
possible, I suppose, but we'll be watching.

(BTW, I'm writing a feature on ADNA for the July/August issue of Internet
World. If anyone desperately needs to have their position put on the record
about ADNA, and I haven't talked to them already, email me privately.)

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