Re: [DNS] Commercial Interest from a neutral party

Re: [DNS] Commercial Interest from a neutral party

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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:36:12 +1000
At 1:27 PM 1998/06/29, John Kidston wrote:
>While I agree that the ASX can be a very useful player in the
>organisation and management of domain naming services,  there may well
>be a significant audience who fall outside the ASX's area of interest.
>I refer here to proprietary businesses, sole traders, partnerships,
>unincorporated joint ventures and the like.

We the people also have an interest. I've without shame grabbed the "Tony
Barry" name. I know of at least three other "Tony Barry's" in Australia,
one of whom I met at the recent WWW7 conference. I know of none in the
catchment for so I'm not too worried.

But worrying about the interior of or is not what I thought
this list was about which is - .au

Also I suspect is a passing concern.  Just wait till I'm worried
about or even


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