RE: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

RE: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§>
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 22:31:40 -0500
On Sunday, May 31, 1998 7:20 PM, tom minchin[SMTP:tom&#167;] wrote:
&#167;On Sun, May 31, 1998 at 10:35:07AM -0500, Jim Fleming wrote:
&#167;> I am not sure that governments are the real problem.
&#167;> The problem may be that "governments" have not been
&#167;> informed about what is going on. When they find out,
&#167;> they are not happy and the local people are not happy...
&#167;> This could be like someone driving around in a car that
&#167;> just happens to "look" like a police car. When asked about
&#167;> where the person obtained the permission to decorate
&#167;> their car in that manner, they might claim..."the IANA".
&#167;> When asked where the IANA obtained that authority,
&#167;> the answer might be...the U.S. Government of course...
&#167;> that seems to make everything third-world***
&#167;> Internet countries people have not bothered to ask,
&#167;> "who is the IANA ?".
&#167;> It is OK until people now claim that the IANA has no
&#167;> U.S. Government relationship...once people start down
&#167;> that slippery slope then the questions eventually get
&#167;> asked about where the authority came from...for some
&#167;> of the 2-letter TLD delegates...they have no answer...
&#167;> this is not a good situation...
&#167;The .CC domain is interesting. I tried to contact "Island Internet 
&#167;Services" at their Cocos (Keeling) Island address. Telstra Directory
&#167;assistance didn't have a listed number for them, nor could they
&#167;locate "Telecom House". 
&#167;>From descriptions of the place from last year, it didn't quite sound 
&#167;like it had the economy for commercial internet.
&#167;There's an "Island Internet Services" ( in Sydney, but
&#167;it doesn't appear to be the same one whose voice mail you reach when
&#167;you call the CC24-DOM Admin contacts phone number.
&#167;I'll pass on this information to the Dept of Transport and Regional 
&#167;Development who recently acquired Territories and Local Government.
&#167;If I'm lucky they'll know what a internet domain is.

In the U.S. Government's IPv4 system, Jon Postel (aka IANA) will
have to look into all of this and make decisions. Governance is
centralized. The people out in other countries and the neighborhoods
do not have any say.

In the IPv8 plan, the people in the G6 region and the people in the
same "neighborhood" get to make the decisions. Governance is
pushed outward and there is no central control needed.

You can place the decision making in small neighborhoods, where
the TLD administrators on each side of 6:156 help to arbitrate.

6:155     UNITED
6:157     PCN  (PITCAIRN)

Or you can take a much larger view and attempt to have larger
countries such as Singapore and Indonesia help out.

6:138     SG   (SINGAPORE)
6:175     ID   (INDONESIA)

G6 will be what people in that region make it into. with 256 TLDs
there should be an interesting mix of country-code TLDs and also
more generic TLDs. The names on the seats can easily be changed
to allow more regional choices. This change and the distributed
decision-making does not have to result in chaos. In my opinion
the key is to create a decision-making system that closely matches
what happens in real life, where land is used instead of cyber address

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation - An H.323 GateKeeper for the IPv8 Network
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