Re: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

Re: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

From: Jean-Christophe Praud <jc.praud§>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 09:11:21 +0200
With non-central decision processes, the technical requirements for DNS
management can be lowered, too. Making it easier for small organizations
to play their role.
The more people (servers) are involved in decision (DNS), the more
stable and sure the system becomes...

The Internet as a whole was built following this principle : a localized
incident can't be allowed to crash all the network.

Can we accept that an InterNIC servers disruption (july '97) can destroy
all the Net ?

Jim Fleming wrote:

> In the U.S. Government's IPv4 system, Jon Postel (aka IANA) will
> have to look into all of this and make decisions. Governance is
> centralized. The people out in other countries and the neighborhoods
> do not have any say.
> In the IPv8 plan, the people in the G6 region and the people in the
> same "neighborhood" get to make the decisions. Governance is
> pushed outward and there is no central control needed.
> You can place the decision making in small neighborhoods, where
> the TLD administrators on each side of 6:156 help to arbitrate.
> 6:155     UNITED
> 6:156     CC   (COCOS-(KEELING)-ISLANDS)
> 6:157     PCN  (PITCAIRN)
> Or you can take a much larger view and attempt to have larger
> countries such as Singapore and Indonesia help out.
> 6:138     SG   (SINGAPORE)
> ...
> 6:156     CC   (COCOS-(KEELING)-ISLANDS)
> ...
> 6:175     ID   (INDONESIA)
> G6 will be what people in that region make it into. with 256 TLDs
> there should be an interesting mix of country-code TLDs and also
> more generic TLDs. The names on the seats can easily be changed
> to allow more regional choices. This change and the distributed
> decision-making does not have to result in chaos. In my opinion
> the key is to create a decision-making system that closely matches
> what happens in real life, where land is used instead of cyber address
> spaces.
> Jim Fleming
> Unir Corporation - An H.323 GateKeeper for the IPv8 Network
> 0:196 .MALL

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