DNS: An FYI for WP working group

DNS: An FYI for WP working group

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§ix.netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:29:28 +0100
        NEWDOM II
        Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:31:24 -0700
        "Rick H. Wesson" <wessorh&#167;AR.COM>

                      NEWDOM II

To Subscribe

    send a mail message to newdom-request&#167;ar.com with the
    word "subscribe" (with out the quotes) in the body of
    the message.

   There is a need for a nonbiased forum to discuss a
   meeting to create an organization for the management
   of Top Leve Domains. There are several other email
   lists [see below] dedicated to the general discussion
   of TLDs but there is none specificly oriented with
   creating a forum as specified in the NTIA White Paper.

   It is the hope of the list maintainer to provide
   a forum oriented in the gathering of consensus on
   a meeting place/time, its agenda, funding, and

   Yes, this list has a goal. The following is the main
   function of the NEWDOM list.

   o Organize a meeting on TLDs with the following attributes
     o the meeting is announced well in advance
     o is located some place with a good international airport.
     o has accomodations.
     o invites anyone and everyone that would like to
       participate, and will not go forward w/o the
       participation of IAB, IANA, Network Solutions, POC/CORE,
       APNIC, ARIN, RIPE, and ISOC.
     o allows mbone particiaption.
     o meets the requirements in the NTIA White Paper

A bit of history.
    This list is dedicated to the topic of new TOP
    level Domains.  It has been a place for the discussion
    of the addition of additional top level domains (TLDs)
    like .com, .net, and .org.

    It is the hope of the list maintainer to provide an
    unbiased forum for the discussion of topics pertaining to
    the goal of adding additional TLDs to the IANA root nameservers.

    While the list maintainer has participated in various forum
    related to TLDs he will not remove or censor in any way the
    discussion on the NEWDOM list. The list maintainer wishes
    all to make their voice herd but, please  read/listen and respect
    others and their openions.

    Please note there other lists dedicated to discussions on
    TLDs namely:

Please adhear to the following:

    o Do NOT threaten Legal Action against anyone on
      by posting the threat to the list.

    o Please stay on the topic of NEW TLDs specificly to
      the formation of a confrence to create an organization
      to manage Internet TLDs to fully meet the requirements specified in
      the Dept. of Commerce, NTIA Proceeding Policy Statement

Additional Reading.

    To remove yourself from this list send a message
    to newdom-request&#167;ar.com In the body of this message put the word

    If you have any administrative questions please mail rick&#167;ar.com.


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