Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 15:34:58 +1000
Stephen, Chris, rick and the list

The fax referred to in the original posting by Stephen was sent out by a
reseller of names, NOT NetRegistry, the Authority.

This fax has been stopped and the resller has been informed that unless his
practices cease his reseller status will be withdrawn. I want to make it
very clear on this list that NetRegistry does not condone this approach to
domain name sales and will not tolerate any action on behalf of our
resellers that misinforms or misleads the public.

Moreover, NetRegistry explicitly welcomes suggestions and information from
the Internet industry regarding any such practices and will always take
action to ensure that domain name buyers are well and accurately informed.



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