Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 20:20:26 +1000
>   to believe that 
> a. you were not aware of this campaign
> b. you did not encourage this campaign

Clive I can'ty speak for Larry and his operation, but I can speak for myself.

Recently I was made aware by a Domain Name Licencee about the details in
how they were sold some 20 domain names. 

I asked them to fax me the material that was sent to them to be very shocked.

I approved material in January this year for the reseller to use, of which
they produced.  It was a 3 page document and was within acceptable

The client faxed to me a document dated March 1998 that was 6 pages long
and went WAY BEYOND reasonable at all.

>&   "" method they were using to have generated such sales. 

As to the method, in my instance I was aware of the methode as far as I had
two  of my direct staff make "test" enquiries.  Both reported that within
the first 2 minutes they were put on hold for 60 seconds, then the sales
person returned.  The story sold to them sounded fair.

A client recorded their conversation and played it to me.  It was VERY VERY

> a.      Ensure that NONE of your current or future resellers repeat this.

In my instance we are doing this.  It is now a requirement that the client
or the agent fill in the online application forms.  We no longer accept the
agents details on the form as they are identified by agent code.

> b.      Ensure that your resellers are trained to provide the FACTS to the

This isn't the job of the manufacturer.  Really.  You don't see Johnson and
Johnson going around to Coles Checkout Staff educating them on the way to
insert a tampon - do you?

>Such as is a Privately owned Domain name      

And so we shodu lalso advertise that a Holden Commodore isn't an offical
car because it's not a Model T Ford?

> it is NOT a recognized country level domain

I'm not sure what this has to do with anything.  .COM isn't a country
domain either.  What is your comment about .COM ??

> it is not an accepted country code as is isn't a country code.  At what time did Larry say it was?

>Net registry is not recognized by the
>existing Internet community as an official Registrar 

You might get yourself a law suite from that statement.  Define an "Offical

I might add my name was bandied for an hour or so around a Congressional
meeting in the Whitehouse a few weeks ago.  The results have been extremely
positive for me.  I am recognised as an official entity in my own right.

       they are
>buying a 3rd level domain name from a Privately owned Domain name in
>contrast to which is currently administered by Melbourne IT under
>the aegis of the .au registrar hence providing legitimacy and longevity   

So we shoudnl't buy Software from Computer stores because they are thrid
level resellers of the original product? 

>  c.      & New Zealand Domain Name Registry as a result of this fax
>campaign get         a letter of explanation and apology        a FULL
>refund from Net Registry.

Sorry but technicalll Net Registry isn't responsible to the client.  Just
like RObert Elz isn't responsible for the sale of a COM.AU name.  There is
no requirement for a FULL refund from Net Registry to the consumer.  

That is not to say the NZ company shouldn't provide a full refund if required.

I'm *STILL* waiting for my FULL REFUND for a rejected name from MIT.  I
guess I'll prosecute that one shortly too!!

>  I trust that this will not occur again.

I trust you don't take money under false pretence now also?  I spose my
promoting you to acquire legal advice and the advice I provided helped a
little.  You still haven't paid my consulting fee.  When do you intend
doing that - or was the consultation between myself and your staff set up
to defraud me?

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republication of comments, without written consent.
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