Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practice

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practice

From: Ramin Marzbani <ramin§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:35:12 +1000
> Adam Todd wrote: BLA BLAH BLAH
>> Clive wrote: BLAH BLA BLA 

Look guys, it sounds like there are many frustrated would-be lawyers
wasting / spending their time discussing internet issues here.  Go fight
these out in court if you cannot behave online.

I share the earlier concerns about this becoming an Adam et al kind of
show.  Adam, you must be a national treasure (or at least high IQ kinda
person), but the way you carry on does neither you, your EQ, the list, or
the debate any favours.  Please take this as advice from one abnoxious(?) 
person to another.

> I might add my name was bandied for an hour or so around a Congressional
> meeting in the Whitehouse a few weeks ago.  The results have been extremely
> positive for me.  I am recognised as an official entity in my own right.

Adam we are all happy for you.  Although i am not sure what an "official
entity" is.  [please do not reply to this - it is rhetorical]

> >  c.      & New Zealand Domain Name Registry as a result of this fax
> >campaign get         a letter of explanation and apology        a FULL
> >refund from Net Registry.
> Sorry but technicalll Net Registry isn't responsible to the client.  Just
> like RObert Elz isn't responsible for the sale of a COM.AU name.  There is
> no requirement for a FULL refund from Net Registry to the consumer.

So, using your logic, Johnson & Johnson cannot be sued for stuff sold by 
Coles? Hello. I watch TV, I know what happens!
> I'm *STILL* waiting for my FULL REFUND for a rejected name from MIT.  I
> guess I'll prosecute that one shortly too!!

Geez Adam. 
> >  I trust that this will not occur again.
> I trust you don't take money under false pretence now also?  I spose my
> promoting you to acquire legal advice and the advice I provided helped a
> little.  You still haven't paid my consulting fee.  When do you intend
> doing that - or was the consultation between myself and your staff set up
> to defraud me?

Crikey Adam. Stick to the topic.

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