Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:45:21 +1000
>One simple definition: "official domains" are accessible from the
>seven or eight so-called ROOT servers. Someone with better memory

More lies.

There are 13 legacy Root Servers.

BTW who makes the offical hamburger: MacDonalds or Hungry Jacks.  Don't
want to be eating an unoffical hamberger now.

Whilst on that topic, should I be drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi.  One must be

>than I can contribute the complete list of those servers.

A list sure:

Bah, I've sent it to you previously asking you top hop count them - you
find it.

>This is also a very workable definition, since most Internet
>systems connected to the global Internet use the ROOT servers
>as their starting point for locating all domain names in the
>global system.

Nope that's "not quite" true.  Firstly the file that is supplied with most
realeses of software now is VERY VERY out of date.  You will miss 4 servers
listed as they no longer exist and there are 8 more not on the list that is

But then you would know that because your a guru.

>Hmmm ... I don't recall pointing that out. In fact, most domain
>names do require a renewal fee after one or two years.
>In the case of the .COM/.NET/.ORG/etc the fee is US $70.00 for
>a two year period. For several of the .AU domains (.COM.AU and
>.NET.AU) the fee is AUD $125.00 for two years.

Hmm, and neither of the above companies PAYS to have the data on the servers.

>My point being:

If you have one ...

>If the owner of .AU.COM does NOT pay their fee, or their domain

So they pay 10 years in advance.

>name is cancelled by InterNIC, then the thousands ofd 3LD domains
>piggy-backing on .AU.COM are simply SOL - they are instantly OFF THE NET!

Are they?  I can think of hundreds of ways of ensuring they are not.

Doesn't take too much imagination.

>Of course, the same does NOT apply to .COM.AU and .NET.AU, since they
>are sanctioned (in the sense of approved, not the church sense as some
>person indicated) by IANA and the ROOT name server system.

No COM.AU and NET.AU are not "sanctioned" by IANA in any fashion, way or
means at all.  Get your facts straight Rick.  Your really starting to sound
like a plebacite grasping for straws in hope that someone will actually

Hopefully people won't listen to the words your put foirward, but the
concept, at least that is "close".

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