Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:27:21 +0800
Quoting Adam Todd:
| BTW who makes the offical hamburger: MacDonalds or Hungry Jacks.  Don't
| want to be eating an unoffical hamberger now.
| Whilst on that topic, should I be drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi.  One must be
| Rouge.
| Oh incidenlty when was the last time you could buy a Vodaphone Mobile
| account from Telstra or Optus?

What's with these analogies that make no sense? The purpose of using them
is to relate a characteristic of a known situation to what you're trying
to describe.  

If you wanted to relate AURSC to mobile phone carriers, why not just say it
as it is. It would be like signing up with mobile carrier that used their
own numbering scheme that wasn't visible by anyone else using a different

Let's say Vodafone made a departure from handing out 041[456]... numbers and
started using the prefix of 0552. Naturally people who were on their network
could reach it but you would be fooled if you thought if I rang this number
from my Telstra phone that it would reach it.

Your argument of course would be everyone should switch to Vodafone, no doubt.

| Oh you guys are really turning into an entertaining pot of inexperience and
| lack of information.

Oh yeah.

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