Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 12:52:52 +1000
>Anyway, I never got around to running it, but your post reminded me. So
>here are the results..
>Providers that returned records for "", but not "": 591
>Providers that returned records for "":                         4
>Providers that returned records for the domain they are authoritative
> for, but not for "", "" (presumably don't forward): 13
>Providers whom I got no response from (timed out, etc.):                 17

Would it not have been more conclusive to query not a domain name, bit the
root record SOA, thus looking for the difference between RS2.AURSC.AH.NET,
the ALTERNIC server or the Legacy Server.

You might find your results are far more rewarding.  

>FTR, here are the nameservers that knew
> (1) [Closer To Home Systems: Nambour-QLD,
> (1) [NLC: Terrey_Hills/Sydney-NSW]
> (1) [CyberGate PlaNet: Sydney-NSW]
> (1) [Zed.Net: Silkwood-QLD, Innisfail-QLD]

But since you draw this much:

Current Servers who have requested data from AURSC that we answered
Up to Sat Jun 20 23:59:58 1998           on
IP Address        Host Name           Answers Given
TOTAL                                                           1066078                          4177                          232                           349                            613

Now see you show, but I don't even have that listed in my
reports.  A clear indication that you are looking at the WRONG servers.                              8202                          12

And again, you only list ONE of the nlc servers, there are two making queries.        Saturn.ThePla.Net                           13672        Mercury.ThePla.Net                          2046      Aurora.ThePla.Net                           1

Just the report alone on ThePla.Net clearly shows your report as high with
errors.  You must remember that a "listed" DNS server for providing
resolution to the PUBLIC INTENET is not necessarily the resolving DNS
server used by the clients of that site.

A DNS server itself can, by using the /etc/resolve.conf file use another
DNS server to gain it's answers and thus not be a forwarder, caching server
or anything else.

You again, show your extremely limited understanding of DNS servers.

You will find that my DNS servers, alone work in this fashion where data is
served from a set of servers, but clients use another set for caching.


Kim, thanks for showing yet again how abismally educated the average
Australian ISP is.

You missed locating the other 2 pages of AU based ISPs.  But I'll allow you
the benfit of the doubt because you are just so keen to discredit something

Incidently I have a slightly more sophisticated application.  It tells me
what Root Server network is in use, it can even detect GRS users.  Betchay
can't do that :)  You probably don't even know what GRS is either :(

So: SHUT UP AND STOP TALKING ABOUT AURSC.  Unless you use it, then I'm
happy for you.

Oh and yet again for the record:  It's not always the ISP who is using
AURSC, some users are just a little more intelligent than the ISP.                 7                 7                5                3                1
Current Servers who have requested data from AURSC that we answered
Up to Sat Jun 20 23:59:58 1998           on
IP Address        Host Name           Answers Given
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                2                4                6               1               1               3               2               1               1               1

Even this one is interesting:                           1                          2                         7                         1                        1                         6                        4                         1                         1                        1                          1                         1                        1                         1                         1                         1                         1                        1                         1                        3                        2                        1                          1                         1                        1                        2                        6

>Draw whatever conclusions you will, but personally I find it hard to 
>believe there is anything but a trivial amount of use of AURSC in relation
>to the number of people using the Internet in Australia.

Well your still about 45 ISPs short of producing a list.  I'm so pleased
you found time to waste your bandwidth and that of the ISPs.

I'll tell you what.  I'll produce the full list, but I want everyone on
this mail list to send me a signed document, with a company seal stating
they will not infringe, make further comment about (without my writen
authority), make statements of/about/to, or harass any of the users/isps
using AURSC.  Add in a breach clause indicating you will surrender $100,000
in CASH upon such breach.

That's pretty fair.

Then when you break that agreement I'll sue the pant off you.

Then I'll have some (bloody little really) cnofidence in you, and, I'll
produce the list.
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